Sunday, January 8, 2012

A cinematic suggestion...(is that even a word??)

A friend of mine recently wrote:  "Perception is everything"....
I must say, I do agree with this. In addition, is perception and interpretation the same thing?
I will write the same thing I wrote in the comment box under this facebook status earlier:

This brings to mind two movies: Inception and Limitless.... I have seen both but enjoyed only one, then again I believe in realism more than fantasy and fiction.

Another comment to note: "Perception is essentially reality"...-friend of my friend.
I stopped to ponder this because this is absolutely correct. It sounds so over the top and wordy, but it is exceptionally accurate. Or perhaps this is my perception. One more movie to note: What the bleep do we know? It's a thinker for sure and perhaps a movie to be watched after the other two. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheers for Halloween

Just when you think I was gone...I return.
So much to chat about, so little time.
So, just as a warning...I will be back (sometime) to discuss my current events with focus on the positive energy.
Whereas, it may be necessary to bring back (some of) the past to leave something open for discussion. Having said that...
Happy Halloween, Good night, and be nice to eachother!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothing worth reading for sure.....

I just got scared for a second...I thought I couldn't log onto my own blog!
I obviously got over that speed bump. Not a whole lot is going on (that I can note) other than me just sitting on the sleep number (at about a 35) listening to heart on the radio with the two pugs and my sweatshirt. I felt the need to share.

I will also note one of the coolest websites to exist (and I'm just NOW finding out about it)!!!!

All  it does is act as a catalyst between you and what you were planning on buying anyway. :-c call me
It's free (without ANY catches). The site acts as an online rebate wall. They  give you a % of your purchase back in rebates. It just depends on what site and what you are buying. For example, if you log onto bigcrumbs BEFORE going to you will receive 12% back in a rebate which collects in your account on big crumbs....In addition, they might also provide a coupon code or two for your specific site (right now you can also get 15% off any order at zazzle and that is in addition to your 12% back rebate). Pets, travel options, hotels, business cards, you name it! Even GROUPON!!!!! You can receive $$ back for buying a damn groupon...
It's  a remarkable thing (I mean who doesn't want free money??) and I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon it until now. I recently learned of such opportunity while looking for a coupon code for my magazine I wanted to order. Even better, bigcrumbs came up!

Happy Shopping people!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A small complaint and a smile....

Wow, life just feels rough lately....
What's funny is I haven't done anything (physical) to feel so strained...
Perhaps it is my mental status that is working overtime?

This past week showed for a great visit with some great people.
I rarely see my brother, so he drove down for a good visit and we learned how to relax and do nothing....Again, why do I feel so exhausted?

We did happen to watch a movie (a few actually) and I'm not usually a big fan of movies, but I really appreciated this one.

It is called Limitless and stars Bradley cooper.

It reminded me of What the bleep do we know, mixed with a tad of inception, and a small amount of Matrix. Whereas, it also had the realism factor involved too. Trust me, if you are in that dimension of thinking, you will be intrigued.

My next topic for discussion (and yes, I do realize I still need to finish my last blog entry...or at least the continuation of it) is environmental impact.
I have been thinking about this a lot lately.
If someone or someones are involved in your daily environment and say they are "toxic" in a you start becoming toxic?
Ultimately, do you start to become them?

For example: a negative attitude, foul language, moodiness, depression etc...
I mean, let's back up for a quick second.
I grew up in a rather uncommon situation (I think) and although I didn't realize half of it, I was subjected to yelling, belittling, fighting, and a myriad of negative emotions. Does that mean I will always have that little beaten stone in me at all times? Even if say down the road, 10 years or so...I react in an outburst at an innocent person and for no particular reason? What helps a person get rid of all the bad memories if that is true? Is there such a thing as personality rehabilitation? I mean, hey....we all had crappy childhoods so who am I to sit here and fish for patronizing comments?? No way Jose! As a matter of fact, I avoid talking about any of that due to it's content and situation...
Anyhow, let's dwell on this environmental impact and shoot me your thoughts...I would LOVE to hear them!!!

Thank you Kris for finding my keys...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A blogger's pre-fix.


Tonight I have an interesting topic to discuss. I struggled with the thought of not posting at all because I'm NOT in the mindset  due to fatigue and lack of carbohydrates today. Currently, I feel listless and am at a loss for words. I also feel this remarkable headache creeping about....(not good).
I'm not fasting or anything like that, I just happened to hit more protein-based foods for a change (minus the "simply lemonade because I clearly don't have any will power while walking through Harris teeter). Whereas, I do feel exceptionally proud of myself for jumping back in the game of physically pushing myself a tad harder than usual. A co-worker and I are in a contest to see who can become most "fit" by the end of a three month period. Perhaps that is in store for a blog down the road as well. Wow, I'm just full of terrific thoughts this evening.
 My mind is a little weak and not it's usual witty/peppy self (I just had to fix my spelling mistake which originally came out as peepy) so, maybe I will just quit while I am ahead.
I'm exhausted for sure. I ran three miles on the sand with a tail wind that was pretty strong. This run on the beach managed to dehydrate me pretty well which I didn't even notice until halfway back (while stopping to take a photo next to a pyramid sand sculpture). I went to bend down to hide from the kids sitting in front of it. I didn't want to steal the spotlight from their main exhibit so I pretended to just bend down and tie my shoe. This is when I managed to consume a mouth full of sand the size of a large baseball. This doesn't sound like much, but when your mouth is dry to begin with and sand gets intermixed in these desert like conditions, well let's just say..I was parched!

BUT (and you should NEVER start a sentence with A BIG BUT!!) I did have that knawing intuitional feeling that I should go ahead and blog at least for a little bit. To my small amount of  viewers who still cherish my work. You are out there, aren't you?!

To be continued..... since I'm fading too fast to consider any work quality enough to publish. I am a perfectionist and I refuse to disappoint!!!!

 I should have just went along with this feeling as a red flag (captured much earlier).......

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tonight I went to the grocery store in my pajamas.....

Is it possible for certain moods to rub off on people that surround the person feeling a specific way?
What about dogs and animals around this person?

Do highly sensitive individuals really exist?
See Elaine Aaron's ,'The highly sensitive person' to completely understand what I am talking about.
Does the way a person thinks, definitely change the person's life? and to what extent?
Street smart vs. book smart.  Which one are you? Which one is a better trait to carry?

I encourage you to jostle that brain for a moment and think about each one of these.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a new way to enter...

So I must say, logging into my blog via the portable cell phone is rather scary
and has always been impossible in my mind. However, now that it apppears i only 
have partial use of the keyboard, I will make this brief.

It appears that i am getting back into my creative mind once again, so what better
place to reinforce the creative part of the mind? This blog, of course.

Lots of changes taking place in the next few weeks. Nothing too major or even
important to note, but perhaps things that will also keep the juices flowing.

I also need to start pushing myself a lot more than I am used to. When I say 'push myself', i simply mean just that. Stop the pussy footing around, find a direction, and just kick it.
See, i have such a tendency to start something and not finish it, procrastinate, give up, etc..
Not finishing something before starting something else starts to catch up with me and wears me out to the point of exhaustion. I then begin to question why i can't seem to finish anything or perhaps what I'm trying to avoid by doing this. It is simple. Anyone can quit or get up and walk away from something that gives challenge or is out of the comfort zone.
Is that really what it comes down to? Am I avoiding being uncomfotable?

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